Industrial Oils Production

The Trade Group Fze one of Al-Maysarah Group of Companies  subsidiaries has signed  partnership contract with the State Company for Hydraulic Industries (HISCO) (Ministry of Industry and Minerals) in 2021  to Establish a new Industrial oil Plant that Specializes in Production and Packaging  of industrial oils , Engaging Chevron Al- Bakri as the professional technical support company for plant operations.

Schedule plant Production

Drums  :   ( 216 L)

Containers packed in (4 L & 5 L & 1L )

The plant is strategically scheduled to manufacture the following range of products:

  1. Gasoline engine oils
  2. Diesel engine oils
  3. Industrial oils / oils for gas and diesel power plants
  4. Transformer oils
  5. Lubricant
  6. Fuel Enhancers (Vanadium  inactivators)

Industrial Oils Marketing

Trade Group fze as Solo Agent to Market and distribute American Chevron Trade Mark in Iraq upon Supply contract with Chevron  Middle East Holding Limited Co.